3.0m Extra 330 Equipment List

This list will help you cost up a 3.0m Composite-ARF Extra 330. You may of course have some of these items already which will reduce the total cost.


The list is not a definitive collection of what you must buy but is simply a list of parts that many Extra pilots are using with great success and reliability.


You can of course substitute your own preferred brands/preferences where applicable but as stated above these parts have proven a success time and time again.


I have added an 'Available From' column for the more 'specialist' parts your local model shop may not hold to save you time trying to hunt down suppliers!!



Item Image Description

Approx Cost (£)

Available From *


3.0m Extra 330 kit




There can only really be one choice here and it has to be the Desert Aircraft DA-150. Reasons for using this engine in your Comp-ARF Xtra include supreme reliability, a proven history, sheer power and the fact that the airframe was designed around this engine.

There are obviously other 150cc engines available but you will need to make you own modifications regarding carb placement, throttle servo placement and may need to jiggle with other components to obtain the recommended CofG position.




spinners 5" Carbon Spinner. Although quite expensive, a carbon spinner is recommended to help keep the weight down. To give you an idea, a 5” spinner (which looks ‘right’ for this model) weighs 3.1oz whilst a quality aluminium spinner of the same size weighs over 6oz.


Propellers 28 For good power, stiffness and response, the all carbon Mejzlik 32”x10” prop is currently the preferred option for the DA-150. If your field is more noise sensitive then a 3-blade prop works very well but will be ever so slightly down on power
Awesome Pilot


These pilots are simply awesome. Available in plain white or with a custom airbrush paint job to match your plane's colour scheme - for pure pose factor these are unbeatable.