This page will take you to threads that chronicle the building of my own Composite-ARF models. Unfortunately, my 2.6m Yak and 2.6m Extra were built before this site was created

in September 04 so I do not have build threads for these models. As I buy and build more Comp-ARF models they will appear on this page!


JetCat P120 Powered Flash in Red Chequers Scheme

DA-150 Powered 3m Extra 260 in Yellow Kiwi Scheme



Hacker C-50

Powered Impact


ZDZ-80 Powered P-51D Mustang with Borchers Scale 4-Blade Prop System

DA-50 Powered Extra 2x2m Prototype Scheme

JetCat P-160 Powered Lightning in Custom Jolly Rogers Scheme


The following build threads have been supplied by other Comp-ARF builders for this site so as to help others. Thanks to all who contribute....

Sean Plummer's

2 x Hacker C-50 Powered

2.3m Extra 330

Bill Higgins' DA-50 Powered

2.3m Extra 330

Bill Higgins' 3M-170 Powered

Impact F3A

Doug Cronkhite's

Hacker Powered

Extra 2m x 2m