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EuroSport Kit







For the ultimate in performance and to really make those 3D manoeuvres impress, a JetCat P160 Turbine is recommended! If super slow super high alpha passes straight into an unlimited vertical climb are your thing then a P160 is for you! Correct throttle management is more important with this engine.

A P120 will still offer superb performance and is perfect for more 'normal' flying and aerobatics.











Composite-ARF now give you two options! A new standard set of gear that is suitable for tarmac and an even newer heavy duty set of gear which is more suited to grass airfields.

The standard set of gear has been developed in close partnership with ModelMechanics. The strong mechanics and the durable oleo struts are CNC machined from the highest grade aluminum and stainless steel. The oleo struts are painted white. The landing gear set comes with wheels and brakes complete, and it also includes a retract valve and a proportional brake valve.

The NEW heavy duty landing gear for the Composite-ARF Eurosport is the result of a long term development of INTAIRCO in Australia

The oleo struts are painted grey. The landing gear set comes with wheels and brakes complete, and it also includes a retract valve and an air tank, T-fittings, connectors and a fill valve as well as 3 different colored Air lines.










Fuel Tanks


Composite-ARF now offer a set of high quality Kevlar fuel cells for this plane. 2 Tanks with a total volume of almost 4 litres, including aluminum stopper, plumbing material and CNC-milled plywood formers make installation very easy. No more plastic Coke bottles required!!


Hopper Tank BVM UAT
Bypass System With the NEW EuroSport comes new intake ducting to suit the NEW Eurosport perfectly. White colored intake ducts plus a new, slightly longer carbon bypass with Velcro Straps and some milled wood parts make installation now even easier.




DO NOT try and cut corners here!! There really can only be one truly recommended servo for this model and that is the JR8511 servo. At 6v the power of these is simply incredible and you will never be left in doubt as to whether youíre asking too much of the servos Ė you wonít be! If you fly JR already then itís no problem. If you fly Futaba itís no problem either as the JR plug fits all Futaba sockets (just keep an eye on the + and -). You'll need 4 JR8511 servos for the main control surfaces.

If using the 8511 servos please make sure you ask me about the JR8511 servo disc problem or check the important announcement by clicking here.

You will also need 2 regular servos to operate the retract and brake valves as well as another servo (min 5kg torque) for the nosewheel steering.


JR8511 £67.00 each


Servo Mounts


If you choose to not to use the built up plywood servo mounts supplied in the kit for the aileron and throttle servos, I recommend that you use JR servo mounts for your 8511 servos. You'll need 2.


£1.50 each


RX Battery Pack


Recommended is a 5cell (6v) 2400Mah pack to ensure you get the maximum torque and speed from your servos. If not using the JR8511 then double check your servo can run on 6v.

I find the genuine Sanyo 5 cell 2400Mah packs to be great.

It may also be of use to run a voltage regulator if using a 5cell pack as when these packs come off charge they can often be measure at over 7v - a 6v regulator will ensure that whatever the voltage is, your radio system will only be provided with 6v (whilst the pack is over 6v obviously!!!)


£25.00 each




AeroPoxy Glue Kit To ensure the ultimate bond when dealing with the composite materials used in these kits use Aeropoxy. Although quite expensive it gives good working time, will not run or sag and when dry gives a phenomenally strong bond.