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This page contains items or info that may help you whilst building and flying your Composite-ARF EuroSport.


The items are in no particular order.


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Latest Instructions The latest set of EuroSport Instructions and photosheets can be downloaded here (they are in .pdf format):

EuroSport Manual

EuroSport PhotoSheets


How do I convert my EuroSport to a scale looking model


After having flown their EuroSports, many pilots like the idea of turning their sport looking model into a scale looking model. Fortunately, Ralf Schneider wrote a very comprehensive article on how to do this in Jet Power Magazine. I have scanned the articles in for your information here....

Part 1


  Part 2


Part 3



Where can I get decals for my scale conversion??


Ralf Schneider is your man again! He makes several sets of beautiful decals at extremely good prices. Here are a few examples of his work...

Ralf can be contacted on regarding these decals.


Where can I get a super scale cockpit?


Ralf Schneider is your man again! This beautiful super scale cockpit will be available from October 2004 onwards...


Ralf can be contacted on regarding this cockpit kit.


Leading Edge slat template file


As part of the scale conversion of my own EuroSport I created a CorelDraw file that can be used by sticker shops/sign writers to cut out templates for the leading edge slats. They are not 100% scale but are good enough. I stick these vinyl templates in place on the wings, scuff them with fine sanding pads and shoot a light mist of plastic primer over them to allow good paint adhesion. The following pictures show this better than this explanation explains it!!...


Here is the CorelDraw file that contains these templates for the sign makers to cut...

CorelDraw Template


SCALE Leading Edge slat template file


Ralf Schneider has provided a Corel Draw file that contains the scale version of the above leading edge slat panels!!! A bit trickier to apply but worth the extra effort if you are going down the really scale route!!

CorelDraw Template


Scale Conversion Photos


Here are a series of photos showing the conversion of my bright red EuroSport to a scale look finish. This was my first attempt at spraying a model and goes to show just how simple it must be if I can do it!!!

Original model primed and the lower sides sprayed white....

Mine 001.jpg (109325 bytes)  Mine 002.jpg (49179 bytes)  Mine 012.jpg (109509 bytes)    Mine 003.jpg (101575 bytes)  Mine006b.jpg (104626 bytes)  Mine 007.jpg (63868 bytes) 

Areas marked out for the light blue areas and sprayed...

Blue Camo 001.jpg (105263 bytes)  Blue Camo 002.jpg (119103 bytes)  Blue Camo 003.jpg (92090 bytes)  Blue Camo 005.jpg (88133 bytes)  Blue Camo 007.jpg (91311 bytes)  Blue Camo 010.jpg (77249 bytes) 

Areas marked out for the dark grey areas and sprayed...

Dark  Grey Mask 001.jpg (103790 bytes)  Dark  Grey Mask 002.jpg (95695 bytes)  rivets 001.jpg (140131 bytes)  rivets 002.jpg (130021 bytes)  Nearly Finished 001.jpg (158211 bytes)  Nearly Finished 002.jpg (152506 bytes)  Nearly Finished 004.jpg (184195 bytes)

Decals added...

Decals 001.jpg (132416 bytes)  Decals 002.jpg (143307 bytes)  Decals 003.jpg (65940 bytes)  Decals 004.jpg (72242 bytes)  Decals 005.jpg (71792 bytes) 

Rivets and weathering added...

Finished 013.jpg (79132 bytes)  Finished 014.jpg (75480 bytes)  Finished 016.jpg (307029 bytes)  Finished 015.jpg (279758 bytes)  Finished 004b.jpg (96518 bytes)  Finished 003b.jpg (140807 bytes)  Finished 011.jpg (176339 bytes)