Extra 2x2m Recommended Equipment List


This list should help you cost up a Composite-ARF Extra 2x2m. You may of course have some of these items already which will reduce the total cost.


The list is not a definitive collection of what you must buy but is simply a list of parts that many Extra pilots are using with great success and reliability.


You can of course substitute your own preferred brands/preferences where applicable but as stated above these parts have proven a success time and time again.


I have added an 'Available From' column for the more 'specialist' parts your local model shop may not hold to save you time trying to hunt down suppliers!!



Item Image Description

Approx Cost (£)

Available From *


NEW Extra 2x2m Kit £350.00


Petrol Engine


DA-50-R The 2x2m Extra is Comp-ARF's first model that features factory supplied parts to allow either gas, glow or electric power.

The 2x2m is a perfect aircraft to introduce you to petrol power. The recommended gas engine option is the fantastic DA-50R.

(The ZDZ40 or Zenoah 38 are other good options).



Glow Engines


O.S FX series engines for RC.  O.S are the state-of-the-art in sport/competition engines! Still a glow engine fan? No problems, the Extra 2x2m is just as happy with glow power as with anything else.

The recommended glow motors are the OS/YS 140/160.

Varies on engine chosen
Electric Motors


Take advantage of the amazing new advances in electric flight technology my ordering the tried, tested and proven Hacker C-50 combo from Comp-ARF including the equally superb Hacker 0-90-Acro controller.


Available as part of the Hacker combo package at £560.00
Electric Flight Packs


The ThunderPower Li-po packs were used by Jason Shulman, winning the Nats with his Composite-ARF Impact. The battery packs consist of 15 li-po cells each, 5 in line and 3 parallel, giving 18.5 V at 6000 mAh each. 2 Packs in line supply the power of 37 V at 6000 mAh for Hacker and Plettenberg Motors installed in our 2m airplanes. 2 packs are supplied in one package. Please note, that you must use Li-po chargers to charge these batteries. Therefore it is necessary to learn about the Li-po technology. The Comp-ARF motor and battery packages have comprehensive instructions included teaching you how to do things right from the beginning. £391.00 per pair
Electronic Speed Controller


The perfect compliment to the recommended Hacker C-50 is the Hacker Master 90-0-Acro controller. This ESC has been used by many Hacker C-50 owners with huge success. Available as part of the Hacker combo package at £560.00
Electric Conversion Kit


To help introduce you to the joys of electric power as simply as possible, Comp-ARF have an electric conversion kit for the 2x2m.

This installation kit consists of all hardware and formers to install a Hacker 50 or Plettenberg Xtra outrunner motor. Includes high performance carbon plate (2mm), carbon laminated plywood, carbon tubes, bolts, nuts, Velcro rubber grommets... everything needed to install the motor in the plane.



A good quality 82-86mm aluminium spinner (such as Tru-Turn) will fit your Extra 2x2m nicely. £30.00




The perfect prop for the Hacker C-50. Tested, tested and tested some more!! It gives unbelievable performance and is the choice. Do not mount this prop on a glow or gas engine! £18.00
Gas/Glow Propeller


Propellers 28 Due to the various gas/glow engine options, please consult your engine manual for recommended prop sizes. Ensure the prop is balanced before use.




If you go down the petrol engine route and choose the recommended DA-50, Comp-ARF can supply the perfect quiet cannister solution - manufactured by MTW. £120.00
FiberOptic Kill Switch


EDR-107 Photo If you fit a petrol engine, this is certainly one of the best items to fit to your Extra 2x2 to ensure maximum safety for you and others.  Should your throttle servo or linkage fail for whatever reason this unit will allow you to kill the engine with a flick of a switch – no more flying round until you run out of fuel or chasing a dangerous run away model. The unit will also not allow the engine to start without a signal from the TX and also features a manual switch to kill the engine as yet another safety feature. Using fiber optic technology also means no chance of RF interference. Very highly recommended!!


£55.00 Contact me for more information regarding the supply of this unit at
Ignition Battery


Thunder Power 2 Cell 7.4V 2100 mAh High Discharge LiPoly pack I have used a single 7.4v ThunderPower 2100mAh lipo pack on my ignition and run it through a PowerBox Systems voltage regulator - which is vital due to the higher voltage (see below) £37.00
Voltage Regulator


A regulator to drop the 7.4v lipo input voltage to a 5.9v output voltage for the ignition system. If you use a lipo on the ignition you MUST regulate the voltage to 6v or below. £25.00
Fuel Tank


869690 Whilst we recommend a 24oz Dubro tank  - this will give a good 25min flight time (using a mixture of throttle settings) on a DA-50 with enough fuel spare for a few landing attempts so you can, if you wish, go smaller.


Fuel Filler


For the gas/glow fans out there this is a real luxury! The ultimate in fuel fillers fit a 3W filler. Better than sticking a bolt in the end of your tank filling pipe!!!!




Wheels Kavan You should find a nice lightweight pair of 2.5" - 3" wheels for your Extra 2x2m. Comp-ARF use and recommend Kavan or Dubro wheels.


Tailwheel Assembly


I use the carbon tailwheel assembly available from Graupner, part no 6100.2 £15.00


There really can only be one truly recommended servo for outright success with this model and that is the JR8511. At 6v the power of these is simply incredible and you will never be left in doubt as to whether you’re asking too much of the servos – you won’t be! If you fly JR already then it’s no problem. If you fly Futaba it’s no problem either as the JR plug fits all Futaba sockets (just keep an eye on the + and -). For your Extra 2x2m you'll need 5 JR8511 servos and a servo of your choice for the throttle (don't skimp too much here either!).

If using the 8511 servos please make sure you ask me about the JR8511 servo disc problem or check the important announcement by clicking here.


JR8511 £67.00 each


Metal Servo Arms / Discs


The JR8511 servo is phenomenally powerful and needs a strong and reliable horn to transfer that power to the control surfaces. Composite-ARF do not recommend the white plastic discs that come with this servo. Instead, either use a metal disc (to which you can still bolt the Comp-ARF servo arm) or a 1.5” all metal arm on its own. You'll need 4.


Arms approx £6.00 each






You will need a minimum of a 6 channel receiver to setup and fly the 2x2m successfully. It would be better to have 7 or 8 channels so as to allow you the safety option of a choke servo or fiberoptic ignition kill switch as well as the fun of a smoke system!! A PCM receiver is definitely a preferred option.


Servo Mounts


If you choose to not to use the built up plywood servo mounts supplied in the kit for the aileron and throttle servos, I recommend that you use JR servo mounts for your 8511 servos. You'll need 5.


£1.50 each
Extension Leads


Make sure you use good quality heavy duty leads. Try to avoid the ‘imitation’ leads as you may find that servos etc are a very tight fit into the sockets. However, rather than a secure fit this sometimes causes the pins in the plug to be pushed back and what feels like a ‘rock solid’ joint can actually sometimes be very weak. The following heavy duty JR leads are required in your 2x2m: 






Varies based on length
RX Battery Packs


Thunder Power 2 Cell 7.4V 2100 mAh High Discharge LiPoly pack In my 2x2m Extra I have used 2 Thunder Power 7.4v 2100mAh lithium polymer packs for the receiver. I run these through the superb Powerbox-Systems Sensor switch (see below)

After four 10min flights I put approx 500mAh back in the packs.


£37.00 per pack
Sensor Switch


This superb switch allows two lipo packs to be plugged into it for redundancy. Acts as a regulator, battery share and fail safe switch. Great idea!




AeroPoxy Glue Kit To ensure the ultimate bond when dealing with the composite materials used in these kits use Aeropoxy. Although quite expensive it gives good working time, will not run or sag and when dry gives a phenomenally strong bond.


Aluminium Cable Clips


  These little clips are superb for attaching servo cables etc in place almost anywhere in your model. £5.00
Tie Wraps


  Invaluable for holding items in place securely. £5.00 Local HomeBase or B&Q store
Self Adhesive Foam Strips


  These foam strips are great for protecting items that you hold securely in place with tie-wraps from vibration etc £3.00


* This column is for the UK market. For suppliers in your country please E-mail the Comp-ARF rep for your country/region.