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Doug Cronkhite's 2x2m Extra Build Thread - Page 2


Back to work we go.. The stabs retaining bolts are in place now. Just beneath the skin here is a plywood plate for the bolts to snug down. Also shown here are the composite servo horns glued into the elevators with Aeropoxy.


Here we have the anti-rotation pins for the wing. Simple fiberglass pegs.



Both anti-rotation pins in place with epoxy as well as the retaining bolt. This is all done at one time and takes careful setup, but ensures everything fits once the epoxy sets.


Here's the power system. Hacker C50-15XL and Acro 90 controller. Roughly the same price as a DA-50 and muffler, but of course the batteries are more expensive than gas. Still.. I prefer electric when I can..


Here's the main landing gear all finished up with wheels and wheel pants. Very light setup but strong enough for even harrier landings I'm sure.



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