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Bill Higgins' Impact F3A Build Thread - Page 1

These pages chronicle the building of Bill Higgins' Impact F3A.

Many thanks to Bill for allowing me to post all his hard work on my site.

You can visit Bill's website at


Well, Here we go again !!! Very Happy Very Happy

I'm going to try to document the build of my Composite-ARF Impact in the same fashion that I did with the
2.3 Meter Extra. I can tell you however that my updates probably wont happen as rapidly as the 2.3 did, due to my work schedule and the shear fact that this aircraft is going to require a lot higher attention to detail than my other stuff has.  Here's the current estimate on how I'll equip the plane.

3M-Mintor 170
ES Composites Carbon Fiber Tuned Pipe
1 - Hitec MG-81 Micro Servo on Throttle
1 - JR 8411 Metal Gear on Rudder (Pull Pull)
2 - JR 8411 SA's on Ailerons
1 - JR 8411 SA on the elevators using the
DEPS Pushrod System

I know I can save at least 3oz of weight by using a Coke bottle for my tank, but I'll wait till late in the project to see how my weight is adding up before I get to radical !!! Laughing
  I started tonight by just taking everything out of the Box and inspecting it for De-lam and twists and everything looks pretty good. I've gathered a wealth of knowledge from the Pattern Forum on RCU and from my friends B.W Ponder (who is just finishing his) and Todd Blose.  I started by opening up the holes in the engine area of the fuse as well as the tunnel hole. The only other thing I did was to fit and install the gear assembly and mount the gear.

Here are the first few photos.




a few More .........



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