Impact Recommended Equipment List

This list will help you cost up a Composite-ARF Impact. You may of course have some of these items already which will reduce the total cost.

The list is not a definitive collection of what you must buy but is simply a list of parts that many pilots are using with great success and reliability.

I have listed parts for an electric powered model - a modern approach to pattern models and one which is rapidly catching on.

You can of course substitute your own preferred brands/preferences where applicable but as stated above these parts have proven a success time and time again.

I have added an 'Available From' column for the more 'specialist' parts your local model shop may not hold to save you time trying to hunt down suppliers!!



Item Image Description

Approx Cost ()

Available From *


Impact Kit 750.00 (painted) or 630.00 (plain white)




I needed a proven, reliable and powerful electric motor in order to fly the Impact with authority through the F3A schedules. They don't come a lot more proven than the Hacker C-50 and matching Electronic Speed Controller.







Composite-ARF make a Spinner with white, red or silver cap and a CNC milled spinner backplate especially for the Impact




Propellers 28 I have elected to use an APC 20x13E prop


Lipo Flight Packs


The ThunderPower Lipoly Packs were used by Jason Shulman, winning the Nats with his Composite-ARF Impact. The battery packs consist of 15 lipoly cells each, 5 in line and 3 parallel, giving 18.5 V at 6000 mAh each. 2 Packs in line supply the power of 37V at 6000 mAh




The MK tailwheel is a proven addition to any top of the line pattern model.




Main Wheels


The MK lightweight sponge foam wheels are a proven addition to any topline pattern model.






You will need a minimum of a 6 channel receiver to setup and fly the Impact successfully. A PCM receiver is definitely a preferred option.




DO NOT try and cut corners here!! The Impact is a precision flying model intended to compete at the highest level. You will only get the best out of the model if you put the best servos in it! Cheaper, less powerful servos could be used but you will be compromising the model's performance in doing so.

Recommended servos are the JR8511 for ailerons and rudder and the JR3401 mini digital servo for the elevator halves. A throttle servo will also be required - don't cut corners here either!


JR8511 65.00 each


Metal Servo Arms / Discs


The JR8511 servo is phenomenally powerful and needs a strong and reliable horn to transfer that power to the control surfaces. Composite-ARF do now not recommend the use of the white plastic discs that come with this servo or indeed any plastic arm. Instead, use a metal arm. You'll need 4 on the Impact.


Arms approx 6.00 each






AeroPoxy Glue Kit To ensure the ultimate bond when dealing with the composite materials used in these kits use Aeropoxy. Although quite expensive it gives good working time, will not run or sag and when dry gives a phenomenally strong bond.


Aluminium Cable Clips


  These little clips are superb for attaching servo cables etc in place almost anywhere in your model. 5.00  
Tie Wraps


  Invaluable for holding items in place securely. 5.00 Local HomeBase or B&Q store
Self Adhesive Foam Strips


  These foam strips are great for protecting items that you hold securely in place with tie-wraps from vibration etc 3.00