These pages will show the building of my own Comp-ARF Impact over the coming weeks. I'm not the world's fastest builder nor do I have a huge amount of time to build so please bear with me regarding the updates to these pages!!





Here is the first step - opening the box and checking out the good stuff in it!  As with all the Comp-ARF kits, all the moulds are superb quality and very light. Here's what you get in the box....






I started by cutting the openings at the front of the fuselage for the engine and pipe and the cooling vents. I simply used a 1.5mm drill as a router to remove most of the material and then some needle files to clean things up.






I started by marking out the air intake shape and cutting it out. I then cut the slots for the retaining bolt heads following the indentations marked in the fuselage




The next step was to fit the carbon pins in the rear of the cowl and to mark and drill appropriate holes in the fuselage to accept the pins. A carbon tube is fitted over the pins inside the fuselage and glued in place to act as locators for the pins.




The front of the cowl was secured by drilling a 3mm hole through the cowl and fuselage right at the front. A 3mm bolt is passed through these holes and is secured by a captive nut glued in place in the fuselage



Next were the two additional cowl retainers. These are simply 4mm plastic bolts that are secured to the cowl in such a way that the bolthead passes up into the round part of the slots cut in the fuselage earlier and then the bolt thread slides back along the slot. The bolt is tightened to the point that there is just enough room for the thickness of the fuselage between the bolt head and cowl thus ensuring a nice snug fit.



photos to follow



The cowl finished and secured in place.....