Impact F3A Gallery


Jason Schulman & his Impact at the '05 World Champs in France



Malcolm Harris sent in some pics of his Impact taken just after the first official F3A competition flight in Scotland. The setup is Hacker C50XL 13 wind with Hacker Opto 90 Acro controller

and 22 x 12 APC-E prop. Cells are Flightpower  2 x 5s3p 6450mAH F3A Pro Slim with Flightpower 2S 1050 mAH regulated receiver pack.



Brian Young kept it light, simple, cheap and very effective by using vinyl to create the scheme on his Impact. Nice job Brian!


Robert Green did a great job finishing his plain white Impact. This will stand out from the factory scheme!



Morten Laugesen's electric powered Impact F3A


Who said the Impact wasn't flexible!!!


Jason Schulman's US 2004 Nats winning model