Mig-15 Equipment List

This list should help you cost up a Composite-ARF Mig-15. You may of course have some of these items already which will reduce the total cost.


This is a list of the main items you will need to get your Mig-15 into the air. Some of them are mandatory, and some can be chosen by you.

What I have listed here are highly recommended items, and have been thoroughly tested. It is not a definitive collection of what you must buy but

simply a list of parts that many we are using with great success and reliability. You can of course substitute your own preferred brands/preferences where applicable but as stated

above these parts have proven a success time and time again.


I have added an 'Available From' column for the more 'specialist' parts your local model shop may not hold to save you time trying to hunt down suppliers!!



Item Image Description

Approx Cost ()

Available From *
Elevator Servos


The manual calls for some high torque minature servos for the elevators. A great little servo!


Size: 24.5 x 15 x 33mm
Weight: 30g
Speed: 0.19sec/60deg
Torque: 4.3kg/cm