Mig-15 Hints, Tips & Info

This page will list several items that I hope will help clarify a few questions you may have when building your Mig-15

or simply prove useful for you in general. They are listed in no particular order.


Check the gallery here and equipment list here


Item Description
Latest Instructions

The latest set of Instructions for the Mig-15 can be downloaded here (they are in .pdf format):


Mig-15 Manual


3-View Drawing of Mig-15

You may find the following 3-view useful:



More Mig-15 Resources

You may find the following 52 pics/info useful too:


Mig-15 Cockpit Shots

The following site shows loads of cockpit photos for those who wish to produce a scale cockpit...


Retractable Gear

The NEW landing gear for the Composite-ARF Mig 15 is a long term development with  INTAIRCO in Australia. It is the high performance landing gear you all were waiting for. The strong mechanics and the durable oleo struts are CNC machined from the highest grade aluminum and stainless steel. The landing gear set comes with wheels and brakes complete, and it also includes a retract valve and an air tank, T-fittings, connectors and a fill valve as well as 3 different colored Air lines.

The advantages of the NEW Mig-15 gear:
- CNC machined gear unit with solid milled side plates anodized orange.
- High geade oleos with matching springs for the plane.
- Strong rubber Wheels with aluminum hubs.
- CNC-machined wheel brake system.
- Exra active support air ram.

This all new landing gear is the result of a great team work between Composite-ARF and INTAIRCO, Australia, known as a supplier of great Jet Accessories all over the world.



Last 4 pics care of Jochen


The support air ram in the position of the scale cylinder is not a dummy, it is a real active cylinder to support the retract mechanism to make sure the strut always operates properly, even if you retract the gear at a little higher air speed.



These can be ordered from Comp-ARF here

GearDoor and Speedbrake Cylinders

Several people have asked what size cylinders to use on the doors and brake. Some have opted for:


  Robart 3/8"x1" cylinder, part no. #165 - about 30 Euros each.


Others have used:


  Ultra Precision 5/16" x 1"on the nose and mains (so 4 total) and 5/16 x 1.5" for the speed brakes (2 total)


Conformal Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is available for the Mig-15 from Intairco.

Composite-ARF Mig15 Conformal Kevlar Fuel Cell

Check it out here....




Additional Build Pics

You can find some good Mig-15 information on Intairco's website here.


And some good build threads on RCUniverse here, here and here.




Scale Mig Pilot

Several builders have used the excellent Mig pilot from the range of BlueBox pilots.



Check it out here.