P-51D Mustang Equipment List

Many people have found that getting information on this model is very difficult. Composite-ARF acknowledge that this kit is not to their

usual standards (from an information/instructions point of view - build wise it is still superb) and reflect this in the fantastic price.


I have spent quite a while trying to pull together some information for those who would like to build this aircraft but have been put off due to lack of information.


Listed below are parts/links that I think builders and potential purchasers of this kit will find very interesting. Please e-mail for more information if needed.


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P-51D Mustang Kit
Reduction Unit


4 Blade Scale Hamilton Prop Drive Unit


You've seen all those fantastic Mustangs at the field but one thing has always let them down - yep, that tiddly little 2-blade prop that just looks 'wrong'!

Well, now you can have the ultimate Mustang complete with a scale working 4-blade Hamilton prop - WOW!!!!



Manufactured in Germany by Ralf Borchers




Scale Spinner for 4-Blade System



Simply beautiful!!

Manufactured in Germany by Ralf Borchers
Spinner 2


Sierra Precision 6.25" Spinner



Manufactured in US by SPC
Spinner 3


ProScaleModels 6.25" Spinner


Another spinner option. Each spinner is CNC Milled from a solid T-6 stock of 6061aluminum. Finely milled and polished to a mirror shine with lightening holes cut into the back plate.



Manufactured in US by ProScaleModels


4 Blade Scale Hamilton Prop



Manufactured in Germany by Ralf Borchers
Exhaust System


Scale Working Exhaust


Go the whole hog and have your engine exhaust through actual exhaust stacks!



Manufactured in US by ProScaleModels


Near Scale Retractable Tailwheel Unit



Manufactured in Switzerland by Paul Haller
Fuel Filler


Scale P-51 Fuel Filler



Manufactured in Germany by Frank Kersting


Retracts 1


Wabo Main Retracts


These retracts have been successfully used in Europe by Mustang builders for several years now. This gear requires no modifications to the wing to fit. I feel they look particularly 'scale'



Manufactured in Germany by Wabo
Retracts 2


Sierra Precision Main Retracts


These retracts are relatively new to the market. Coming from Sierra Precision you can be guaranteed they will be quality items. They too have be manufactured to ensure that they are a 'drop fit' into the existing wing structure. The only downside I see to them is that they are so 'shiny' - easily rectified though if necessary.



Manufactured in US by SPC
Drop Tank Supports


Drop Tank Supports



Manufactured in Germany


Drop Tanks


Cockpit Kits

Scale Cockpit Instrument Panel



Manufactured in Germany



Scale Pilot


There is no point in producing a beautiful scale model and spoiling it with an awful pilot. German manufactured 'axels scale pilots' are just the ticket to finish off your P-51.



Manufactured in Germany
General Scale Items


Other Items from Aero Accessories Ltd


These parts are manufactured by Dino Di Giorgio Jr. Dino took a Comp-ARF Mustang to victory at Top Gun


Landing Light


Cockpit 'kit'


Wheel Well Moudling


Manufactured in US by Aero Accessories Ltd



More information to follow as I build my P-51 over the coming months.