2.7m Pitts S-12 Information

Available to order now, due January 2005!

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Item Description


How To Order:



Initially, there will be 3 schemes available. Unfortunately we have only pictures of the first prototype right now. A second scheme will basically be yellow with a blue, red and white trim. The final, third scheme, will be an all red “ORACLE” scheme. The additional schemes will  be available soon.

We have decided to change the ordering procedure for this brand new aircraft slightly since it is not yet available from stock. We will sell "options" first through a down payment of 30%. The introductory price for all the orders placed in 2004 is 3000EUR including 16% tax but not including shipping.


You can order the plane for this introductory price by paying the 30% down payment. Call me to explain in more detail if necessary. A second quote with the balance payment will be held by me and I will request the balance as soon as your plane is completed and due to leave the factory.

We expect delivery to start in January 2005 with a production rate of 8 planes per month.


Upon confirmation of your order you will receive an exact and reliable delivery date.


Model Specifications:



Span: 107" (2.72 m)

Length: 105" (2.67 m)

Weight: 42-48 lb (19-22 kg)

Engines: 150 - 200 ccm


R/C: 14 Servos required



Kit Specifications:




Vacuum sandwich fuselage with carbon reinforcement in the gear and cabane strut area. All formers are made from carbon laminated balsa and plywood and are pre-installed and aligned. Sleeves for wing and stab tubes are pre installed and aligned. Without the rudder the slightly stretched fuselage is 2.3 m (90”) long, the cowl diameter is 41 cm (16 ½”). The total weight including all installed wood parts is 2.5 kg (5.5 lb). The canopy frame and bottom cowl half are factory installed.


Vacuum sandwich wings using the same super light construction as our pattern planes. Due to the fact that the flying wires are fully functional the weight saving attempts on the wings are very effective. One wing panel is less than 900 gram (1 lb). Top wing span is 2.7m (107”), bottom wing is 2.6 m (102”) total span and the wing area is 3365 sq. in. The huge ailerons are elastic hinged and allow throws of up to 35 deg. Each aileron is driven by 2 servos. Servo bays are installed and various mounts for different servo sizes are supplied with the kit.


Scale flat, not airfoiled and increased in size by approx 8%. Light weight composite sandwich construction with huge control surfaces. The hinge axles are 4mm brass tubes, as used in other giant scale Composite-ARF aerobatic planes. Control horns and installed, servo mounts are in the fuselage - not in the stab. Sleeves for 2 solid 16mm carbon tubes are pre installed and aligned.

Landing gear:

A huge gear made from carbon tows and cloth was especially designed for the Pitts. It is prepared for 6mm wheel axles and 5” wheels. Wheel pants are included in the set, too.

Instruction Book:

As the Composite-ARF Pitts Model 12 comes almost ready to fly, the building time reduced to a minimum. Only servos and engine have to be installed. This is easy to accomplish by following the comprehensive instruction manual. This manual is based on the new Composite-ARF instruction manual style and it includes large photo pages. It can be downloaded from the web site, as soon as the first kits are shipped.