3.1m SuperXtra Hints, Tips & Info


This page contains items that may help you whilst building and flying your Composite-ARF 3.1m SuperXtra. The items are in no particular order.


It should be noted that you will still have a 100% capable model should you choose to build your Extra exactly as per the standard instructions.


Check the gallery here and equipment list here



Item Description
Latest Instructions The latest set of 3.1m SuperXtra Instructions and photosheets showing the now mandatory 2 servo elevator setup can be downloaded here (they are in .pdf format):

3.1m SuperXtra Manual

3.1m SuperXtra Photosheet


Kit Component Weights Several people have asked what the kit components only of the SuperXtra weigh rather than the completed model. Here's the answer...

Horizontal stab =  26 oz or 738g
Rudder = 9 oz or 255g
Hardware = 1lbs or 454g
Landing gear = 1lbs or 454g
Wheel pants = 5oz or 142g
Left wing = 4lbs 3oz or 1901g inc spar
Right wing = 4lbs 3oz or 1901g inc spar
Fuselage = 8lbs 8oz or 3808g inc cowling/frame
Canopy = 14oz or 397g

Total = 12lbs 12oz or 10101g