3.1m SuperXtra Gallery


Rob Skipton's very nicely built and installed SuperXtra...


DA 150 with MTW pipes

Competition Powerbox
JR8511, 3 on each aileron, 2 on each elevator
JR8711, 3 on rudder
JR digital on throttle
1 x FUTABA 319 Synth Reciever
5 x JR Matchbox's
Pete Tindal smoke system
Graphics By DVGraphics
Batteries, 2 x 3700 NiMh by Overlander (6v)
Rudder own power supply 4.8v 2100 NiMh
Ignition 2200mAh (6v) NiCd
AUW 38lbs



Tony Jupp's new pride and joy that he is loving!!!