This page lists important announcements that Composite-ARF customers need to be made aware of.

Hopefully, there will be very few posts as what is posted here will be as a result of a safety/recall nature!



Date Issue Posted Who/What is Affected Description/Resolution of problem
06.01.2007 Composite-ARF 2.6m Extra 300SX

The factory would like to announce that a few of the first new Patty 300SX 2.6m have been delivered with a wing tube which is approx 4 cm too short. It should be 102.5 103.5 cm in length but some have been delivered with the 98 cm tube from our 2.6m Yak.  

This could be an issue so we would like to ensure all customers are aware of the issue!

All 300SX 2.6m kits should have been delivered with at least a 102 cm tube. The position of the wood structure in the wings can vary about 5mm per side. If the tube is JUST long enough to catch both support ribs when perfectly centered, then 2 balsa plugs must be inserted in the tube ends, protuding the ends each 5-10 mm, to make sure the tube stays centerred in flight. If you have a 98cm tube, it is definitely a Yak tube and must be replaced.


Should you find your wing tube is of the wrong size, please do not chance flying your model and contact your rep so they can ship you a new tube immediately.