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The latest set of 2x2m Instructions can be downloaded here (they are in .pdf format):


2x2m Extra Manual






The Extra 2x2 is a combination of our successful range of Extras (from 3.1m down to 2.3m) and our winning IMPACT F3A pattern ship. You now have all the TOC, Nats, IMAC and Worlds experience wrapped up in a fun flyer of the 2m class looking like a "proper" aeroplane, for a price you would not believe....

- Ultra light construction taken from the pattern aircraft technology
- Stretched and narrowed fuselage to streamline performance
- Airfoiled like the bigger IMAC airplanes
- Highly prefabricated, similar to our 2.3m Extra 330
- "Real" look with contest pattern performance
- Outstanding 3D capabilities due to huge control surfaces
- Great instruction manual, ready to download from the web
- 2 basic color schemes allowing for more of your own ideas

- Can be powered by glow, gas or even electric motors!!!

Have you ever considered buying a pattern plane but would rather it looked fairly scale? Have you ever wanted an IMAC plane but couldn't go bigger than 2m because of transport or field issues? Haven't you always wanted a 3D Funflyer also providing great aerobatic performance? Haven't you always been interested in composite strength and precision available at a "covered balsa stick" price?

The NEW Composite-ARF Extra 2x2 is the answer to all of these questions!! It is surely the real winner across the globe on price and this is why we think that everybody should just have one!!!

Also, besides all that, Composite-ARF has gained great experience in electric powered flight and wants to share it with you by presenting the perfectly tailored electric conversion kit for the Extra 2x2.



Model Specifications:



Span: 200 cm (78")

Length: 200 cm (78")

Weight: 5.2 - 6 kg (11.5-13 lb)

Engines: 25-50 cc or Electric Power

R/C: 6 Servos required