2.3m Extra 330 Hints, Tips & Info


This page contains items that may help you whilst building and flying your Composite-ARF 2.3m Extra 330. The items are in no particular order.


It should be noted that you will still have a 100% capable model should you choose to build your Extra exactly as per the standard instructions.


Check the gallery here and equipment list here



Item Description
Instruction Manual Update

As Comp-ARF receive feedback on our products we strive to update instruction manuals accordingly. Below is the first update we have issued for the 2.3m Extra


2.3m Extra 330 Manual Update V1


Latest Instructions

The latest set of 2.3m Instructions can be downloaded here (they are in .pdf format):


2.3m Extra 330 Manual


2.3m Extra 330 PhotoSheet


Build Threads

You may find the following build threads helpful whilst building your own 2.3m:


For those who speak French, this is quite an interesting thread


Plus, of course, there are the build threads on this site here

Zenoah G-62 Installation Details

Comp-ARF Rep, Florian Wigger, has pulled together some great information for those who want a nice quiet installation in their 2.3m Extra using the Zenoah G-62 engine mounted on rubber mounts and using

- MTW TD75K cannister muffler
- Header pipe (custom made from MTW, can be ordered directly)
- Menz 22x12 propeller for Imac-Style
- Menz 22x10 propeller for 3D


Instructions on the install can be downloaded here


Pictures of the install can be found below: