One of my demo pilots, Danny Wenham, sent in pics of his recently completed Futaba scheme Extra 2.6m. Keep an eye out for Dan

doing some stuff you just didn't think was possible with a model aircraft!!! Specs are as follows...


2.6m Composite-ARF Extra330

DA100 + Zimmerman pipes

5” Carbon prop & tail wheel from Pete’s models, Canada

5” Kavan main wheels

Mejzlic 28*10 prop

32oz Dubro tank

2200 mah Li-ion Fromeco ignition battery

Duralite 5.1v regulator for ignition

2 * 3300 mah Li-poly Longo S flight batteries

Emcotec DPSI RV mini 5 Power board

8 Hitec 5945 servos for main flight controls

1 Futaba 9001 for throttle

1 Futaba 3003 for choke

1 Futabe PCM 149DP receiver


Total weight 27lb 8oz




Ages ago I bought an Extra 2.6 from you for an electric conversion, I promised to send you some pics so here they are at last! After waiting an age for the gearbox, I got it fitted and had the test flight today. Mighty impressive plane to fly! I've never flown anything this big before and was blown away how smooth it was in the strong wind. I tried the stall and did the smoothest elevator I've ever done - just floating vertically down with no wing rock at all. If anyone asks for a good electric setup, the numbers are:

2 Hacker C50 16XL motors
2 Hacker 90 speed controllers
Inner demon Hercules gearbox (
27x13 APC prop spinning at about 5100rpm
10s batts per motor, pulling about 73A for 4.7kW total power.

I didn't really go above 1/3rd throttle much, should prop hang on half throttle once I get a bit more confident with it - not bad for electrics!


Henry of Henry's Hangar sent in these pics of his cool looking chrome Terminator Extra!!!


My 2.6m Extra with custom paint job