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1.      Who are Composite-ARF?

2.      Is Composite-ARF the same company as FiberClassics?

3.      What are the advantages of a Composite-ARF kit?

4.      Are the kits hard to build?

5.      Do I need special equipment for these models?

6.      Why don’t model shops stock these kits?

7.      Can you send me a price list?

8.      How do I place an order or obtain a quote?

9.    What is a ‘Rep’ and what do you do?

10.  How do I check the status of my order?




Who are Composite-ARF?


Composite-ARF was set up in early 2003 to provide the highest quality almost ready to fly (ARF) composite models to modellers at the lowest price possible. Their factory is based in Thailand where they carry out and control all of the normal business processes themselves. They design, mould, prototype, manufacture, market and distribute everything themselves which gives them total control and ensures that they are not let down by other parties.


Their models are a proven success across the globe by not only winning competition after competition but also allowing the average modeller the chance to own a superb flying, quick to build, pre-painted all composite model for the same price as many poorly built film covered balsa aircraft.


Whilst hugely popular in the US and most of Europe, Composite-ARF now wish to give the modellers in the UK a chance to purchase and enjoy these superb aircraft.


Contact me to find out how you can join the ‘family’ of Composite-ARF owners!!


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Is Composite-ARF the same company as FiberClassics?


No. Despite what you may have heard these companies are totally separate and should not be thought of or described as “the same company”.


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What are the advantages of a Composite-ARF kit?


Most existing pilots will say “fly one and you’ll know immediately” and they’d be right! Due to the rigidness, lightweight and accuracy of the composite structures your model will fly superbly. I know it is a cliché but most Composite-ARF models I have flown needed no trim input at all on their first flights!! The strength of the airframes also mean that the models (specifically the popular Yaks and Extras) can be put through some savage manoeuvres time and time again with no worry of the airframe failing.


The scale kits have panel line and rivet detailing already moulded in saving you hundreds if not thousands of hours!


Most of the kits come 90% finished with paint schemes already applied in the moulds! Many come with protective wing and tail bags too!!


All hardware is provided with the kits including clevises, control horns, servo arms, nuts, bolts, washers etc etc


The composite moulded construction means that every kit is the same which means Composite-ARF can supply any part of your kit as an individual item should you have a mishap and it will fit straight away just like the old part! Be it a wing, a fuselage or just a wheel spat! This form of construction also means there is loads of room for well laid out radio installations which aids the maintenance and reliability of your model.


Bearing all these points in mind, now add on the facts that the models are as cheap, if not cheaper, than many poorly constructed wooden ARTF kits, there is a network of reps to help support you, there are many forums that discuss these aircraft in detail and should you have any mishaps individual spare parts are only a few clicks away to order and I think you’ll agree that a Composite-ARF kit is pretty special and well worth owning. In fact, you’ll find very few people can own just one – they have to own two then three… and that is testament itself, I feel, to the all round quality and value of these kits.


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Are Composite-ARF kits hard to build?


Some would say this was a subjective question but for 99% of people the answer is a resounding “No – they’re easy!!”.


Most of the kits come 90% finished out of the box and simply require the installation of engines/radio components which most owners of these models should be capable of. However, due to the ease of building and flying qualities of these kits they are often an introduction to larger models for many people and, as a result, some of the approaches and/or equipment used may be slightly different to what you are used to. If you do need any help then feel free to contact me.


Of course, should you wish to have your model built for you then I can arrange this too. Please feel free to contact me regarding this.


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Do I need special equipment for these models?


Not ‘special’ just slightly different. Due to their size most of the kits use petrol engines and a larger number of high power servos. There are also safety considerations to take into account too which may require the use of, for example, dual receiver batteries/switches or ignition kill switches. None of these items are any harder to use/install or understand than the items you have used in your previous models – but as with anything new to you there may be a short learning curve.


Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any equipment issues.


Click here to go to the recommended equipment lists for the more popular Composite-ARF models.


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Why don’t model shops stock these kits?


The direct sales & distribution model that Composite-ARF employs has been put in place in order to ensure that you, the customer, is guaranteed the lowest product price. Prior to this method being implemented some model shops were ordering kits, marking up the price by almost 30% and then selling them to the customer at these inflated prices!! The direct web based sales & distribution method has stamped out this problem and also allows you to browse all the products on the site, place an order and track an order yourself whilst all the time knowing nobody is adding a large percentage to the price you pay!!


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Can you send me a price list?


Unfortunately not! Due to the global nature of Composite-ARF’s business the fluctuation of shipping costs and exchange rates mean that if we were to publish price lists they would probably be incorrect the minute they left the printers! You can obtain an exact quote for the product(s) you are interested in through the website. This quote is not binding in any way – it is simply a quote yet should you wish to go ahead and place the order having received it you can simply follow the instructions on the quote itself. For more info on how to obtain a quote see the FAQ in this section titled “How do I obtain a quote?


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How do I place an order or obtain a quote?


For a step by step guide on how to obtain a quote, click here.


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What is a ‘Rep’ and what do you do?


Composite-ARF do not employ an army of salespeople and distributors nor do they have a chain of shops across the globe to sell and stock their products. Instead, they utilise a direct sales concept whereby you order directly from the factory.  Cutting out all these additional overheads ensures that customers can buy extremely high quality products at very reasonable prices.


In order to overcome the lack of salespeople Composite-ARF have a number of sales representatives to support their customers in the many countries and regions. Representatives will handle your requests, provide help during the ordering procedure, will answer any questions when you receive the product and through the building and set up of it. Feel free to contact them even if you just want some general information on items/equipment for these models.


As a Rep I am not salaried by Comp-ARF at all and am in normal full time employment so I carry out most of the work needed to support customers in my spare time. I do have access to my e-mail pretty much 24/7 so will often reply pretty quickly but do ask that you do not expect an immediate response all the time!


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How do I check the status of my order?


For a step by step guide on how to check your order, click here.


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