As a rep for Composite-ARF in the UK, I have produced this site with a simple goal in mind. This goal was to help current, and prospective, owners of Composite-ARF models get more out of them. 


In time the site will, hopefully, collate information and experience built up by hundreds of Composite-ARF owners and pilots and give you access to this information.


This means you can visit the site, select the model you are building or flying and find lots of useful information that you might otherwise never become aware of!!


Consider it a summary of thousands of threads on discussion boards where the 'answer' is in there somewhere but takes you hours of reading to find!!


It is a work in progress so please be patient but please also come back often!


This site will become more useful more quickly to more people if you, the Composite-ARF flyer, can find time to contribute your hints, tips, experience, photos or indeed, anything Composite-ARF related!!!


Please use the links at the top of the page to navigate around the site.


Happy Flying,

Mark Schroeder