Comp-ARF have recently changed the MTW cannister supplied for the Extra 2x2m. I decided to purchase it and have a go installing it on my own 2x2m.

As you can see, the new pipe is considerably longer with a smaller diameter. Whilst the smaller diameter makes the install easier than before, the length causes a minor problem.


The rear vertical tank tray support needs to be removed so as to allow pipe further back into the fuselage. I also moved my radio gear from its previous positions onto a new cross support above the rudder servo. This ensures that everything is far enough away from the cannister and cannot be affected by heat.


I simply aeropoxied a cannister support ring onto the underside of the wingtube to stop the cannister moving around and lined the hole with tygon tube to 'grip' the can a bit more.


At the rear of the cannister is a ply bracket to stop the can sliding backwards.

A cooling hole was cut for the new can. Normally, there would be no need for the larger hole at the front - this is a hang over from the original cannister install.

Due to the shape of the new header, you will need to chop up an allen key so you can get into the tight areas...