The following pilots have registered the following models/equipment for the fly-in.

Should be a great day with some varied models and some great relaxed flying.


Pilot's Name Aircraft Engine Radio Scheme Notes
Mark Schroeder 3m Extra 260 DA-150 Futaba 14MZ Custom Red Kiwi Powerbox, Pete Tindal Smoke System
  Flash JetCat P120 Futaba 14MZ Red Chequers  
  Integral Hacker C-50 Futaba 14MZ Custom coloured C-ARF Scheme Flightpower F3A Acro Lite packs
Danny Wenham 2.6m Extra 330 DA-100 Futaba 9ZAP Futaba Emcotec DPSI and Lipos
Robbie Skipton 2.6m Extra 330 DA-100 Futaba Fantasy Powerbox, Lipos & Smoke System
  3.1m SuperXtra DA-150 Futaba Futaba Power box, lipo ignition, PT Smoke System, Sponsored by DV Graphics and Alís Hobbies
Dave Stephens Eurosport JetCat P160 MX22 Fantasy  
Aaron Stephens 3m Extra 260 DA-150 Spektrum Custom Green Kiwi 2.4Ghz Spektrum radio
Ali Machinchy 3m Extra 260 DA-150 MX22 Yellow Kiwi  
  3m Extra 330 DA-150 MX22 Fantasy It's a right poggler!
  Extra 2x2m DA-50 MX22 Prototype Scheme  
  EuroSport G-Booster 160 MX22 Pseudo-Scale Luftwaffe  
Mark Pearce Integral Hacker C50 JR C-ARF Scheme  
Tony Jupp Extra 2x2m DA-50 Futaba Prototype  
  SuperXtra DA-150 Futaba Fantasy Red/Yellow Weatronic Rx
John Sanders 2.6m Extra 300SX DA-100 JR Patty Wagstaff Powerbox & Smoke
  Lightning Merlin JR Jolly Rogers Powerbox
  Flash Wren JR Thunderbirds Weatronic Rx
Malcolm Green 3m Giles G202 DA-150 Futaba 14MZ Classic Flag Dual Receivers
  2.6m Extra 300SX DA-100 Futaba 14MZ Patty Wagstaff Dual Receivers
Mike Williams 3m Extra 330 DA-150 Futaba 9ZAP Jason Shulman Pete Tindal Smoke System
Jean-Michel Bernard 3.1m SuperXtra DA-150 Futaba 14MZ Fantasy Coming from France!
  2.6m Extra 339 DA-100 Futaba 14MZ Prototype Coming from France!
Mark Holman 2.6m Yak DA-100 JR Shulman Emcotec, lipos and cannisters
  2.3m Extra 330 DA-100 JR JR Emcotec, lipos and cannisters
  2.6m Extra 330 DA-100 JR Micro-Lease (Fiberclassics) Emcotec, lipos and cannisters
Craige Bravery 2.6m Extra 330 DA-100      
Ricky Emery 2.6m Extra 330 DA-100 Futaba    
  Kangaroo JetCat P120 Futaba    
Andrew Bird 3.0m Extra 260 DA-150      
  2.6m Yak DA-100   Red/Blue/Yellow  
  2.3m Extra 330 DA-50      
Oliver Stecher 2.6m Yak DA-100 Futaba 14MZ Fantasy Powerbox, Smoke


See you on 20th May!!